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Yamaha TX16W | Stephen Powell Music Services

This is the classic TX16W Wave Filtering Sampler and rare to find available these days. The build quality is typical of Yamaha - very solid. It is a 2U rack unit and there are 3 large circuit boards layered inside.

The ‘16’ in TX16W stands for 16-voices. It’s only 12-bit (as opposed to 16-bit) and shipped with a slim 1.5 MB of RAM. Marking Yamaha's entry into professional rack-mount samplers, the TX16W seems to take its rack-design from Yamaha's REV-series effects processors. There’s a narrow 2-line LCD display, numeric keypad and about a dozen other buttons for editing - not easy, but this was how it was done in 1987/88. With internal RAM expandable up to 6 MBs, floppy disk storage, digital filters, and 8-part multitimbral operation, the TX16W was good for its time and is now a true collector’s item.

This 12-bit sampler has a variable 50 kHz sampling-rate without aliasing, eight monophonic outputs, polyphonic stereo out and an external audio input (Mic, Line) on the front-panel. The original TX16W's System OS was widely acknowledged to be pretty awful and frequently needed reloads from the System disk. An alternative quickly emerged - Typhoon 2000, a freeware OS which provides much easier handling, 17 factory filters and support for the AIFF audio format. This unit has the Typhoon Operating System. It is good for M1-type pianos, percussion sounds, voice samples and many other staple 80's style sounds.

Also included is a library of 25 Original Sample Disks, plus 25 further Custom Sample Disks.