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Engraving and Scoring | Stephen Powell Music Services

Engraving and Scoring Services

Music Score Production and All Music Copying Services

SPMS uses the latest versions of Dorico and Sibelius music notation software.

Scores and instrumental parts for any size of ensemble can be produced, from solo instrumental pieces to large-scale orchestral and choral works. Classical and Theatre music are a speciality, but all genres of music can be accommodated. All work is produced to publication standard.

A range of sample from scores produced by SPMS can be found on the
Score Samples page. A detailed price list can be found on the Engraving and Scoring Prices page.

Clients include:

Geraint Lewis (UK)
Redcliffe Edition / Francis Routh (UK)
Ancel Newton (UK)
Andrew Sparrow (UK)
Ty Unwin (UK) / Midge Ure (UK)
Laurie Evans (UK)
Neil Gardner (UK) (for details of CD featured on Desert Island Discs by BBC Correspondent Frank Gardner, click here)
George Caird (UK)
Joris de Man (Holland and USA)
Margi Harrell (USA)
Michael Stimpson (UK)
Dominic Hartley (UK)
Adrian Woolliscroft (UK)
Chris Young (UK)
Bolton Browne (UK)
Robert Dove (UK)
Grant Holdsworth (UK)
Keith Tyson (UK)

A selection of comments from clients can be found on the
Testimonials page.

Scores prepared for clients have been performed by The Hallé Orchestra, The BBC National Orchestra of Wales, The Hollywood Symphony Orchestra, The Albion Ensemble, The George Caird Quartet, The Czech Film Orchestra and The Armonioso String Quartet.

Orchestration and Arranging

Original compositions can be orchestrated and/or arranged - from solo instruments and voices to large ensembles, orchestra and choir.


Music can be transposed to any desired key. This can easily be done, but often involves re-typesetting the music into score and therefore the same fee structure applies as for a new score.

Special Notation

Any type of special notation requirements can be catered for, including guitar tab, chord symbols and drum notation for use in jazz and rock music. Figured bass and other early music notation. Avant garde notation for contemporary music.

Midi Files

If you have composed your music into a sequencer, your work can be saved as standard midi files and then converted into music notation. You can also have arrangements of your music created into standard midi files.


Exam papers, tests and quiz layout masters prepared. Also - have music arranged and scored for your orchestra and choir.

A detailed price list can be found on the
Engraving and Scoring Prices page. Postage and Packing information can be found on the Postage Rates page.
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