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Transcription Prices | Stephen Powell Music Services
Arranging and Transcription Price List

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Project Type From:
Fee Per Bar of Music

Project Type To:
Any Work
A Layout up to 6 Players

Any Work
A Layout up to 7-14 Players

Any Work
A Layout up to 15-27 Players

Any Work
A Layout up to 28-60 Players

Any Work
A Layout of 60+ Players in a Conventional Layout (e.g. Symphony Orchestra)

Any Work
A Layout of 60+ Players in a Compound Layout (e.g. Symphony Orchestra + Choir)

G - Jingles, Signature Tunes, Radio or TV Idents etc.
Any Work
100% extra
Any Layout

Transcription from Recording
Either at per-bar rates as above, or at £32.47 per hour, by negotiation.
Any Layout

By negotiation

For the purposes of calculating cost, each stave for instruments which are scored on multiple staves will be counted as 1 Player - e.g Piano (2 staves - i.e = 2 players), Harp (2 staves = 2 players), Organ (2 or 3 staves = 2 or 3 players) etc.
Important Note

The fee for an arrangement or transcription project, as found above, will be ADDED to the price for producing the printed score and and instrumental part requirements, as outlined on the
Engraving and Scoring Prices page. These costs are based on the minimum recommended rates issued by the UK Musicians' Union.
All original arrangements are my copyright. Please note that, by working on your projects, SPMS is not providing you with any copyright authority or clearance for the music. It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary licences or copyright clearance for the performance of music, in the arrangements you request, from the holder of the original copyright.
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