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24/Seven - A Street Opera

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This major fully sung piece of musical theatre with music by Stephen Powell and lyrics by Stephen Francis had two stage productions in Birmingham and London during 2008. 24/Seven is set in a present-day London café of the same name and is the story of the troubled lives of seven characters over the course of 24 hours.

Intrigue, betrayal, violence and murder all combine to create a tragic vignette of people who fall through society's safety net unnoticed and derided by those who 'pass-by on the other side'.

The exciting news is that
24/Seven has been made into a feature length film. The film has now been submitted to a number of film festivals worldwide, and will be released in 2018. It is hoped the soundtrack recording will be also released in 2018.

More information about
24/Seven can be found on the Urban Troubadour website

24/Seven received great reviews following its two stage productions. Here's what the critics had to say:

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24/Seven stands out from your usual musical... Great longivity potential... A clear passion from the actors... Epic musical... A huge undertaking... Clear determination and projected energy from the actors ensures that 24/Seven takes the audience on a remarkable journey... Challenging musical theatre piece... A show destined for a long and prosperous life!

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A rather amazing piece of theatre that is as entertaining as it is unique... A dramatic rollercoaster of a conclusion that rivals the climactic finale of Carmen... Lyricist Stephen Francis and Composer Stephen Powell are clearly forces to be contended with... Provokes a strong response... All in all it is an outstanding piece of theatre driven by courageous commitment to originality and it is certainly a production that deserves a long life span.

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An epic piece of theatre... Superb fight scenes... Take some tissues or a hanky as there are sure to be tears before the end of the night! ...A brave, audacious piece of theatre.

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If you do nothing else, go and see 24/Seven.

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The audience were captivated by the seven cast members who held them spellbound in their tale.

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The theatre company Urban Troubadour was formed to stage the Birmingham (March 2008) and London (July 2008) productions. More information about the stage productions and film version of 24/Seven can be found at the Urban Troubadour website. A gallery of more photos can be found at the bottom of this page.

24/Seven - Casts

Birmingham - March 2008

Steve - Gareth Alber

Jay - Ricky Dukes

Tony - Stephen Cheriton

Dean - John Harby

Shaun - Charlie Yates

Mary - Andrea Wilson

Dips - Charlotte O'Dwyer
24/Seven - The Film

Steve - Ross Berkeley Simpson

Jay - Ricky Dukes

Tony - Barrie Ryan English

Dean - Chris Pearse

Shaun - Jonas Christensen

Mary - Andrea Wilson

Dips - Finola Glacken

London - July 2008

Steve - John Harby

Jay - Ricky Dukes

Tony - Stephen Cheriton

Dean - Richard Jonason

Shaun - Charlie Yates

Mary - Andrea Wilson

Dips - Charlotte O'Dwyer
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